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Unraed messages

How to configure unread?

A procedure is available to help you install the plugin.

What is the unread feature?

Thanks to unread you will no longer miss a single message from GLPI. When new activity takes place on your instance, a will appear to inform you that a new unread notification is available.

What is the difference between Per user helpdesk;shared central and Per user
  • Per user helpdesk;shared central: users with the self-service profile will be notified of tickets of which they are the requesters. The technicians, for their part, will share the notifications. If a notification is read, it will be marked read for all other technicians.
  • By user: each user will have access to their own notification queue including those of their group and their individual assignments.
Can we have unread message behavior from one entity to another?

Yes. This can be configured in administration > entities. Choose the entity that suits you and make the necessary settings in the unread tab.

Last update: 19/12/2023