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Order management

How do I install and configure order management ?

A procedure is available to help you set up the plugin.

What are the features of the order management plugin?

Order management allows you to :

  • Define and manage a catalogue of product references
  • Order management (with approval workflow)
  • Budget management
  • Management of invoices associated with orders

You'll be able to set up, track and manage your orders, receive materials and automatically integrate them into your inventory. You can also manage invoices and your satisfaction with the supplier linked to the order.

Can the order be submitted for validation?

Yes, a validation circuit can be performed. The option must be ticked in the plugin settings and a recipient (user or group) must be entered in the order.

Can I generate purchase orders?

Yes, once an order has been created, you can generate it in the purchase order tab as an .odt file.

Can I enter a provisional delivery date?

Yes, you can specify a delivery date which will be displayed in red (by default) if it is exceeded.

How can I integrate delivery directly into the park after receipt?

You can tick the enable automatic generation option in the plugin options. You can also activate this option individually when the order is received.

Can I specify a default status when the material is delivered?

Yes. In the plugin options, a default status option allows you to define the status of items when they are integrated into the park. If you have not chosen automatic generation, you will be prompted to add a status for imported equipment.

What status is available for orders?
Status Effect
Draft Order initiated
Requested for approval Approval sent to default recipient set in
Cancelled Order cancelled, status can no longer be modified
Validated Order validated
In progress Validated order awaiting delivery
Delivered Partial or complete delivery
Paid Order received, delivered and paid
What equipment is available to order?

You can add a catalogue in which the product references you have created will be available. If the product you wish to add is not present in the catalogue, it will be possible to add them manually directly from the order.

How do I manage budgets?

You can create a budget from management > budgets. Once the budget has been created, you can attach it to the order so that the amount is deducted from the budget once the order has been paid for.

Is it possible to partially receive an order?

Yes, you can record and invoice only part of your order if it has been partially delivered. You will be able to accept the rest of your order when you receive the missing elements.

Can I include delivery charges?

Yes, when you place your order, you can add a delivery charge and the associated VAT.

Can I add discounts to my orders?

Yes. You can add either an overall discount to the order, or a discount per item when you include products in the order.

Last update: 15/12/2023