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Rename GLPI strings

How do I set up rename GLPI strings ?

You'll find a procedure that will walk you through installing and setting up the plugin

What are the functionalities of rename GLPI strings ?

This plugin allows you to rename GLPI fields, labels, formulations, etc.

What is an override?

overrides allow you to replace the value of one field with another. For example, replace the field `computers with workstation. It is possible to change a field, but also a sentence such as "Remember to make a backup before transferring items" by "It is important to backup your items before transferring them".

Why does my overload still appear even though it has been removed?

The overload may not be visible immediately. If this is your case : - Remember to empty your browser's cache - Delete the contents (not the folder) _cache of your GLPI instance (on-premise only) - Check that your overchage is indicated as active**.

Why does my override still appear even though it has been deleted?

The override can continue to be visible because it is contained in the GLPI cache. Deleting the contents (not the folder) _cache should solve the problem.