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My settings

Why don't I have access to the preferences tab?

This option is displayed or not at the discretion of the GLPI manager. It is a right that must be granted from the profile ( administration > profiles select the relevant profile then tick/untick the personalization options in the setup tab).

How do I change the order of the ticket history?

In my settings (top right), go to personalization. In the 1st personalization section, change the timeline order.

  • Natural order (old items on top, recent entries on bottom),
  • Reverse order (old items on bottom, recent on top).
How do I make the text layout bar appear?

In my settings > personalization (top right), you can select the rich text filed layout option:

  • Classic (toolbar at top)***: the bar is fixed above the text area
  • inline (no toolbar)***: right-click to bring up the toolbar
How do I merge or split action buttons in tickets?

In my settings > personalization (top right), select the action button layout option in the Assistance section.

  • Split: all buttons are visible (answer, task, solution, etc.)
  • Merged: single response button allowing multiple actions (response, task, solution, etc.)
How do I change the language in GLPI?

In your profile (top right) scroll down the list containing the current language and select the one that suits you.

How do I place the GLPI menu at the top rather than on the left?

In setup > general > defaults values, select horizontal (menu in header) in the personalization section

How can I customise the display of visible columns?

The display of columns in the various menus (tickets, computers, users, etc.) can be customised. A distinction must be made between the global view and the personal view:

  • The global view applies to all profiles having access to a part of the inventory: the modification of this part will therefore be visible by all users.
  • The personal view applies only to the logged-in user and overrides the global view settings. This view is only available if you have the User view right regarding the Search result display.

To change the way the columns are displayed, click on in the menu where you are. Select global or personal view as required and add/delete/move the columns as you wish.