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News - Alerts

How do I set up Alerts?

A procedure is available to help you set up `Alerts.

What is the purpose of Alertes ?

Alerts allow you to highlight information for users or groups of users.

Where are alerts visible?

Depending on your choice, alerts can be displayed on :

  • the login page (before logging in)
  • the central page (GLPI main page - Standard interface)
  • the support page (main page in simplified interface)
Can I schedule alerts?

Yes. In the plugin settings, you can specify a start and end date for visibility.

Can I set a colour code?

Yes. In the plugin settings, you can choose to modify :

  • the background colour,
  • the text colour
  • the colour of the emphasis (left bar on the alert)

Alt text

How do I change the text size?

From the plugin configuration, you can adjust the text size using the rich text bar. You can modify your text by adding code, titles, quotes, etc.

How do you highlight the type of alert so that it is easily identifiable by the user?

In addition to the colour of the alert, you can add an icon (1) which may help the user to know what type of alert it is.

  1. Alt text
Can I authorise the user to close the alert?

Yes. In the plugin settings, you can choose whether or not to allow the user to close the alert. It will reappear at the next connection.

Can alerts be set up more easily?

Yes, templates are available to simplify setting up alerts. Depending on the template, the icon, text colour, background, emphasis and size of the alert will be prepared.

Why don't users see the alerts?

If your alert is not visible, this may be due to several parameters:

  • Checking whether it is active
  • Check whether visibility dates have been set
  • Check that the display on the pages is correctly configured
  • Check that the targets are present

Last update: 05/12/2023