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GRPD Tools#

How do I install GPD tools?#

A procedure is available to help you install the plugin.

What is the purpose of RGPD Tools?#

RGPD Tools allows you to clean up information or delete users who are inactive in order to comply with the RGPD rule.

What does inactive mean from the plugin's point of view?#

**Inactive" means all accounts marked "no" to "active".

What is the difference between clean and delete?#

  • Clean : the user's data is deleted and the user is moved to the recycle bin.
  • Deletion : The user is permanently deleted, it does not go through the recycle bin.


Deletion is definitive, the user cannot be recovered.

Is a filter possible?#

Yes, 3 options are available. You can delete or clean up :

  • all inactive users,
  • all inactive users with no ongoing tickets,
  • all inactive users with no tickets.

Why are users not being cleaned/deleted despite the plugin being configured?#

The plugin can only work if the cleaninactiveuser automatic action is active and correctly configured. You can find it in ti-settings:configuration > automatic actions