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Final migration#


Migration below a version of GLPI0.85 will not be possible. You will have to update your instance before sending us your database.

Which data can be imported?#

Only the following data are eligible for import:

  • Your GLPI database
  • The contents of the folder files of your GLPI


  • All data currently present in your GLPI Network Cloud instance will be replaced by the data provided
  • The possible specific developments and plugins not covered by the GLPI Network Cloud Public offer will not be imported


After receiving your request and its consideration by our team, you will receive a response with a first migration proposal containing:

  • A date (at least 72 hours after receiving the request / only between Monday and Friday)
  • The migration start time you selected in your request (subject to the availability of a technician)

If the initial proposal is not suitable, our team will discuss with you to define another date.


Once the migration is planned with our team, here are the important points of its progress:

  • The day of the migration, cut the access to your GLPI and export your data:
    • Your GLPI database a guide to do it here
    • The contents of the folder "files" (if you want to import your attachments)
  • Your compressed data must be accessible by our team via a download link at the time scheduled for the start of migration.
  • We recommend you to verify that your GLPI is out of production before the migration of data to your GLPI Network Cloud instance otherwise you will have a data differential between the two!
  • A complete migration takes on average between 1h and 2h.

To know

These times are not guaranteed, the real time of migration depends mainly on the size of your database and its contents (a significant history strongly lengthens the duration for example).

  • A definitive migration is always done towards the last stable version of GLPI.
  • Once the migration is done, you will receive a response from our team to inform you.