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How do I install and configure credit?#

This procedure will help you set up credit.

What is Credit used for?#

Credit allows you to declare and monitor your customers' credit consumption. You can create credit books to be deducted according to your needs (monitoring, solutions, tasks).

Can I delete credit that has already been deducted?#

Yes, simply go to the relevant ticket and delete the credit you wish to delete. It will be reinstated in the credit book.

Can I adjust a credit after it has been deducted?#

Yes, you can adjust the number of credits even after the ticket has been closed. All you have to do is go to the ticket concerned and from the credit tab, increase or decrease the number of credits.

Where can I find my credits?#

Credits can be viewed from the entity on which they were created.

Can I prohibit or authorise over-consumption?#

Yes, you just need to indicate this in the corresponding field when you create the credit (which can be modified later if necessary).

Can I set an expiry date?#

Yes, you just need to enter it in the relevant field when you create the credit (it can be changed later if required).

What types of action can be submitted for credit?#

Credit can be given for tickets on the following actions:

  • Follow-up
  • Solution
  • Tasks

Can recurring tickets be credited?#

No, only single tickets can be credited, as human action is required to settle them.