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Check automatic actions#

On-premise and GLPI Network Cloud#

To check the status of your automatic actions, there is an automatic action whose role is to check the status of the others.

  • Go to the menu setup > Automatic actions, and select the watcher automatic action.

This automatic action will send you, by e-mail (if you have correctly configured Notifications), the actions in error. More precisely, these are all actions whose status remains indefinitely on "In progress ".

It is also possible to manually check the status of an automatic action in its configuration page, and to restart it by clicking on the Reset cross just to the right of the current execution status:

Alt text

GLPI Network Cloud ONLY#

To know

If you use the "CLI" execution mode (which is recommended), and you have requested activation, our internal system checks for blocked automatic actions every 6 hours and unblocks them automatically.


Documentation GLPI "Configure automatic actions"