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How do I set up Translation ?#

You'll find a procedure to help you configure and set up the plugin

What is the purpose of Translation ?#

The Translate plugin for GLPI is a handy tool designed to enhance multilingual communication within your GLPI. Leveraging DeepL's translation technology, this plugin provides a simple and effective solution for translating elements in the ticket timeline, fostering seamless collaboration within international teams. Whether you're managing projects with teams scattered worldwide or simply aiming to facilitate communication with users in different languages, the Translate plugin streamlines the translation process within your GLPI instance.

What are the features of Translate ?#

  • Translate individual timeline elements
  • Translate the entire ticket timeline
  • Translate a follow-up during composition
  • Restrict translation to specific languages
  • Restrict translation to specific types of timeline elements
  • API usage notification
  • Translation rights management

What are the prerequisites for Translate ?#

  • GLPI version 10.0.10 or higher
  • DeepL API token

Why doesn't the translation button appear?#

If the translation menu does not appear, it may be due to various reasons:

  • the plugin is not configured
  • you do not have the right to translate
  • the element you want to translate is not allowed in the configuration

What languages are allowed?#

The authorised languages are visible from setup > general > translate in the target languages authorised for all users field.

Can we allow or disallow certain languages?#

Yes. From setup > general > translate in the field target languages allowed for all users, you can select the languages that will be allowed.

Which elements are translatable?#

The elements that can be translated are :

  • Ticket
  • Follow-up
  • Ticket task
  • Solution
  • Validation

You can prohibit or authorise those that interest you

Can I be notified when the plugin is in use?#

Yes. It is possible to configure notifications from setup > general > translate in the use threshold field, a drop-down list is available to allow you notifications as soon as a threshold is exceeded. You can specify several thresholds.

Can we authorise/prohibit the threshold being exceeded?#

Yes, in pay version only. It is possible to limit exceedance either by :

  • Characters": limit to the number of characters specified
  • Cost": limits use to a predefined cost

Can I see my usage in real time?#

Yes, a usage gauge is available from setup > general > translate indicating the percentage of usage and the number of words translated.

How do I allow/prohibit translation of the text?#

It is possible to allow/deny translation to the editorial staff from the profile in question adminsitration > profiles > translate.

How do I allow/disallow items to be translated?#

It is possible to allow/disallow the translation of items from the profile in question adminsitration > profiles > translate.

If I translate a follow-up and my colleague also translates it, does this count as part of the package?#

No. Translations are saved in the database to reduce character consumption and improve plugin performance.