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More satisfaction

How do I configure more satisfaction ?

You'll find a procedure for setting up a satisfaction survey.

What are the features of more satisfaction?

Thanks to this plugin, you can add satisfaction surveys.

Can I change the number of stars to be awarded when I send out the survey?

Yes, you can set the maximum number of stars (between 1 and 10) to suit your needs.

Can we define a default number of stars when we send the survey?

Yes, you can decide the number of stars that will be preselected when the recipient receives their survey. For example, you could decide to pre-select 3 out of 5 stars.

What type of questions can I set up?

You can set up :

  • Yes/No
  • Free text
  • Rating (stars to be awarded)
How many questions can I set up?

There is no maximum number of questions, you can set as many as you like.

Can I set up reminders for unanswered surveys ?

Yes. From the plugin, a reminder tab is available to set the number of reminders and the interval between each reminder.

Can I add satisfaction surveys?

You can add satisfaction surveys via the more satisfaction plugin available in the marketplace.

Why are the satisfaction survey reminders not being sent?

First, check that the reminders have been set up correctly in the reminders tab of your satisfaction survey. Also check that the SatisfactionReminder automatic actions is correctly configured. This procedure should help you set up your satisfaction surveys correctly.

How can I view survey results?

From the plugin, you can view/edit the surveys. In the results tab, you can view the answers that have been given.