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How do I add a webhook?

A procedure is available here to help you.

What is a Webhook?

A webhook can send notifications to an instant messenger. You can then follow the arrival of tickets via this channel.

Which messaging services are supported?

The messsageries supported are :

  • Alt text Mattermost,
  • Alt text Microsoft Teams,
  • Alt text Rocket.Chat,
  • Alt text Slack,
  • Alt text Telegram.
Why am I not receiving the notification in the desired channel?

This may be due to several factors:

  • Check that your application is correctly configured on the provider side
  • Check in the recipient tab of each notification (new ticket, new follow-up, etc.) that your webhook is present.
  • Check that there are no items in your queue
Can I customise webhook notifications?

Yes, in setup > notifications > notification templates. Click on add and create your template. Then in setup > notifications > notifications, choose which notification you want to associate your new template with. In the template tab, click on add a template and select the template you created earlier.