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Manage your projects

Project management in GLPI allows you to track the progress of a project by creating tasks and setting up teams. Projects can be linked to a change and/or a problem.

Create a project

  • From tools > projects, click on add
  • Fill in the necessary fields

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Note on the percentage performed

You can activate the automatic percentage (1) from the creation of the project. When enabled, it calculates the average percentage of all projects and child tasks. If it is not enabled, the percentage will have to be entered manually.

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Creating tasks

A project brings together a number of tasks which must be carried out to move the project forward. These tasks must be completed for the project to progress.

  • From your project, go to the tasks tab
  • Fill in the fields required to complete the task.

We recommend that you leave the automatically calculate option unchecked if this task does not have a child task.

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Create a child task

You can create one or more child tasks and automatically feed the percentage calculation. Creating a child task is exactly the same as in the previous step. Remember to tick automatically calculate if you want child tasks to automatically fill the parent task.

Task management (parent and child)

Once a task has been created, it needs to be monitored so that the project can also be populated.

  • Click on the task you have just created to view its options
  • In the main tab, you can modify the information created in the previous step
  • In the project tasks tab, you can create child tasks
  • In the task team tab, you can assign it to :
    • A contact (for example, if it is assigned to a service provider)
    • a supplier
    • a group
    • a user
  • On the documents tab, you can add any documents related to your task.
  • In the tickets tab, you can link an existing ticket or create a ticket linked to the task in question
  • In the notes tab, a simple text field is available.

Each task can have a different assignment group. When the status of one of the tasks is marked as in progress, the project itself is also automatically marked as in progress.

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Creating a sub-project

Depending on the complexity of the initial project, it can be split into several projects. So, in the projects tab, you can create a sub-project from this project. It will be managed in exactly the same way as the parent project.


The kanban allows you to view the tasks in progress and have an overall view of the project.

Kanban modification

Only the user manager or a member of the manager group can modify the kanban (project tab, manager section).

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  • To search for a particular item, click in the search box and select the relevant heading

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  • You can add a task or project directly from the kanban by clicking on the . The task will appear in the project task list and the project as a child project. You can feed them in the same way as the parents.

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  • Some information is visible from the kanban

Alt text

  1. Task completion percentage
  2. User and/or group allocation


You can add cost(s) to the project in order to estimate the expenditure incurred for the project. You can charge it to a budget in order to deduct the expenditure from the budget. The expenditure will automatically be deducted from the budget affected.

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Tab management > budgets (DSI budget for example)

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ITIL objects

If your project requires it, you can link tickets, changes and/or problems. This data is for information purposes only, and the closure of its elements is not dependent on the project.


You can add park elements to see which items are impacted by the project.

List of items that can be linked
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Case
  • Certificates
  • Computer
  • Controller
  • Device
  • Firmware
  • Generic device
  • Graphics card
  • Hard drive
  • Memory
  • Monitor
  • Network card
  • Network device
  • PCI device
  • Phone
  • Power supply
  • Printer
  • Processor
  • Software
  • Soundcard
  • System board


You can link documents in the tab of the same name. They may already be in the library, or you can import a new one. When you import a new document, it will also be visible in management > documents


You can link one or more contracts to the project. The link will also be visible in the management > contracts section.


A note field is available. It is a free text field.

Knowledge base

You can attach one or more items from the knowledge base. The link will also be visible from tools > knowledgebase

Last update: 29/12/2023