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Is it possible to use reports in GLPI?#

GLPI allows the generation of a number of reports related to your equipment, financial data, etc.:

  • The default report: This report lists the equipment present in the park sorted by operating system for computers and bytype for other equipment.
  • Equipment under maintenance contract: Equipment under maintenance contract with a third party. It is possible to obtain adetailed report by type of equipment and by date of purchase. Multiple selection is allowed.
  • Equipment report by year: Information on the purchase date, warranty and associated contracts for one or more years.Multiple selection is allowed.
  • Hardware Inventory Financial Information Report: Summary financial information for computers, printers, network hardware,monitors and peripherals as well as the total value and net book value of your assets.
  • Other Financial Information Report: Summary financial information for cartridges, licenses and consumables.
  • Network Report: Network information by location, network equipment or network outlets.
  • Loan report: Summary of current, future or past loans for a given user.
  • Status report: Summary by type of equipment of the different statuses.

You can also use the "more reporting" plugin to obtain additional reports