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Slowdown on my instance#

If you are experiencing slowdown problems with GLPI, here is a list of causes that occur regularly:

Email notifications via SMTP

When a ticket is created, if your Notifications are activated on this event (New ticket), GLPI will send an email without going through the Notifications queue. As a result, if the connection between GLPI and your SMTP server takes a little time (network latency or slowdown, overload of your SMTP server), the waiting time after posting your ticket may be longer.

Try to optimise the load on your SMTP server. If you don't want to authenticate your emails as much as possible, you can switch your email notifications to the default "PHP" mode (your message will be sent via our SendGrid relay, limited to 500 per day).

We can also offer you the option of switching to a private Cloud offering, in which case you can configure a personalised local SMTP relay. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The multiplication of entities

Too many entities can slow down GLPI, especially if rules are configured on top of them. It is recommended to have the lowest possible number of entities (in correspondence with the real need). Don't hesitate to contact our network of partners for support and advice on how to integrate your GLPI correctly.

A search filter that is too complex

GLPI's search engine can handle very complex searches, but this can slow down the platform for the user launching the query, depending on the size of the query! Also be careful not to activate alerts when a threshold is triggered for large queries.

The number of elements displayed per page is too high

A user can change the number of items displayed per page, slowing down access to the platform depending on the size of the list to be displayed.

Incorrect configuration of one or more automatic actions

Be sure to check the frequency and execution mode (CLI recommended) of certain actions! Actions that process a lot of data can slow down the platform.

Ongoing maintenance operations

Certain maintenance operations that we carry out during non-working hours (8pm-6am GMT Paris) may slow down or render your instance unavailable. Please check to see if a maintenance operation is in progress.

If you think your problem lies elsewhere, please contact us via the Support link in your customer area.