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The knowledge base of GLPI allows to answer the following needs:

  • The first is to centralize internal knowledge to the various technicians.
  • The second is to provide users with information (public FAQ) allowing them to solve simple problems alone.

Only the elements of the public FAQ are visible to the users of the simplified interface. Items that are not defined as being part of the public FAQ are only visible within the central console by technicians for example.

It is necessary to select one or more targets for each item in the knowledge base or the FAQ. The target(s) correspond to the entities, profiles, groups or users who can consult the article. As long as no target has been selected for an article, it is only visible to its editor. The article is considered as "unpublished" and appears in the "Unpublished articles" table on the home page of the knowledge base.

It is possible to associate one or more documents to the articles of the knowledge base.

Last update: 21/03/2023