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Plugins and marketplace

What is the marketplace?

The marketplace allows you to access (depending on the GLPI Network licence level) a list of plugins and install them with one click. An article shows you how it works.

How do I install a plugin outside the marketplace (on-premise)?

You can install a plugin that is not present in the marketplace by going to the [plugins] page ({:target="_blank"}. A procedure is available to help you install a plugin outside the marketplace.

How to add a plugin not present in the marketplace?

To do this, you must first request it from our support service, specifying the name of the desired plugin, its download URL and its version. You cannot deploy this plugin yourself from your customer account, or from your GLPI instance, because we need to validate several things:

  • that the plugin you want is well developed by Teclib´ or by one of our official partners trained for plugin development for GPLI;
  • that it respects the established coding standards;
  • that it is maintained over time (because it´s GLPI compatibility is not included in our unlimited MOC support/ in-service support package);
  • and that it does not disturb the performance of the GLPI modules (does not cause a bug).

After studying your request, you will receive a confirmation indicating the availability of the plugin on your instance or an explanation why it has not passed our validation test. In case of refusal, we will offer you an alternative solution to cover your need (another validated plugin, native functionality, additional development, etc.).

How do I install plugins on an instance that is not connected to the Internet?

Plugins are only available via the marketplace. To do this we advise you to :

  • Open the Internet for the duration of the download (less than one minute),
  • Download via an application proxy,
  • Use a third-party glpi (on another workstation for example) to download.

You can consult our dedicated page for plugins