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How do I install tag ?#

A procedure is available to guide you through the installation and configuration of tag

What are the functionalities of tag ?#

Tag gives you the ability to add a tag to a GLPI object. You can search for this tag, display a report of associated objects in the administration, or create different administration rules.

You can :

  • Add tags on every GLPI item type (which extends CommonDBTM)
  • Add tags on GLPI inventory Task (plugin GLPI Inventory)
  • Add tags on Appliance (plugin appliance)
  • Manage tag from labels
  • Tags are displayed and editable in the object form header (just below title)
  • You can search for tags and display them in objects lists
  • You can display a report from associated objects in administration

Why isn't my tag visible in all categories (tickets, computers, etc.)?#

When you create your tag, you can decide in which GLPI object(s) it will be visible. You can therefore create a tag for the computer object only or make it visible for tickets as well.

Why is my tag not visible in my entity?#

When creating your tag, if you do not check the sub-entity box, it will only be visible in the entity where it was created.