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Oauth SMTP Google#

Creating a project#

  • From your Google console (administrator access is required), go to your organisation then new project

Alt text

  • Enter the name of your project
  • Click on create

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  • Return to your organisation,
  • Select your project

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Setting up Oauth access#

  • From the menu, click on APIs & Services.
  • Then OAuth consent screen.

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  • select the type of access that will be granted to the application (internal or external users)
  • Then click on create.

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  • Enter (as a minimum) a name for the application, an email address for application support and the developer's email address (this information is compulsory).
  • Click on save and continue.

  • In the scope section, click on add or remove scopes.

  • Add auth/ auth/userinfo.profile and openid.

Alt text

  • Click on update
  • Then save and continue

ID settings#

  • From the credentials menu, click on create credentials then Oauth client ID.

Alt text- Select the type of application "web application". - Enter an application name, - In the authorized redirect URL section, enter the GLPI callback URL.

Where can I find my GLPI callback URL?

Alt text

  • Click on create

  • A page appears with the username values. Keep this information as it will be requested in GLPI.

Alt text

Setting up GLPI#

  • From setup > notifications > configuration of email notifications
  • Select SMTP + OAUTH
  • Select Google and enter the information requested, using the screenshot above as a guide

Alt text

Additional information :

Fields Values
Port 587
Email sender If empty, the value will be email sender address. If the value is different from sender's email, your configuration will fail, the 2 values must be identical
  • Click on save

You will be asked for a Gmail account, and you will then need to accept the necessary authorisations.


It is preferable that the OAUth SMTP account is also the one indicated in sender email so that emails are sent from the correct mailbox.

Run a test send to make sure your SMTP configuration is working properly.

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