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How do I install Item's Lifecycle?#

A procedure is available to help you install the plugin

What are the features of Item's Lifecycle ?#

This plugin allows you to remove/replace devices from the inventory by automating certain actions on the fields. It allows you to manage the various stages in the lifecycle of a piece of equipment. It has been designed, among other things, to handle the following cases:

  • Scrapping of equipment
  • Withdrawal of temporary equipment from inventory due to a breakdown
  • Replacement of equipment under warranty, for example

Why do I get the message "the PDF plugin is not installed, you cannot use the PDF format for archiving ?#

The PDF plugin is required if you wish to edit documents related to paper archiving. It is also available on the marketplace.

Is there a history when a PC is replaced?#

Depending on your settings, a comment may be automatically added to the new PC with the references of the old hardware, so that you can keep a record of any changes.

Is the PC permanently deleted after a relocation?#

No. You can find it in the recycle bin if you need to.

What are the possible options when replacing equipment?#

You have 3 choices:

  • Purge - PDF Archiving: Deletes the PC and inserts a PDF in the management > documents tab.
  • Delete + comment: deletes the PC and leaves a comment on the new computer
  • Keep + comments : Does not delete the PC and leaves a comment for the 2 computers