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How do I set up a form?#

A procedure is available to help you set up your forms.

Can I create public forms?#

Public access to forms is set from the access types tab on the form.

Can I restrict access to forms (to an entity, a profile, etc.)?#

Access restriction is set from the access types tab from the form. It is possible to restrict access to groups, individuals and profiles. And more simply, to users authenticated on GLPI.

Restriction by entity

To restrict a form to an entity, you can either create the form in the corresponding entity, or create it in the root entity but specify a restriction with private access to the desired entity.

Can I request validation of a form before sending it to support?#

Forms have a validators tab. It is possible to request validation of the form from a group or a specific user.

What types of questions are available in the forms?#

There are many types of question. For example, you can use :

  • Checkboxes,
  • Radio buttons,
  • Date fields
  • Free fields,
  • Value selection,
  • GLPI objects.

This list is not exhaustive and many other options are possible. There are 25 possible types of questions to ask your users.

Can certain questions be hidden under certain conditions?#

It is possible to hide or show questions according to certain criteria. This option is set in the questions tab of the form.


Is your version of GLPI up to date ? If yes, hide the question "what is your current version". Alt text

Can an SLA be applied from a form?#

An SLA can be applied via a form. You can do this by going to the target tab. You will be able to set up an SLA and/or OLA either via a template, a specific SLA or equal to a question asked in the form.

Can I attach a document to a form?#

With the question types, it is possible to ask a user to select a document in the form. The question is of the "GLPI object" type. All you have to do is select the type of object. You must ensure that the documents can be read by the entities concerned in management > documents.

Is it possible to import FormCreator forms from one instance to another?#

The import/export action is made to migrate data from a pre-production instance to a production one (implied rigorously identical). Importing a form from another instance that is not identical will fail or will be imported only partially.

Why are there special characters in all or some of my tickets?#

This can happen after a migration or update of GLPI (and/or the plugin). There is a command in the GLPI CLI to correct this anomaly. This is provided by the FormCreator plugin.

Know before entering the order

As a precaution, we strongly recommend that you perform a backup of your instance and database.
We also invite you to implement this patch. Here is the procedure to apply a patch

Command to enter from your GLPI file:
php -d memory_limit=-1 bin/console plugins:formcreator:clean_tickets