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Fileds unicity

To avoid duplicates, the uniqueness of fields function allows you to refuse hardware imports if one of the fields set is identical to another field of the same type of hardware. For example, 2 computers with the same serial number.

  • From setup > field unicity, click on add
  • Add a :

    • a name
    • A comment (optional)
    • Set active to yes
    • The type of item targeted (computer, telephone, user, etc.)
    • Select the filed that will be considered unique
    • Indicate whether the import should be refused or accepted.
    • Indicate whether a notification should be sent

!!! Warning "Sub-entity If necessary, remember to tick sub-entity in the top right-hand corner so that your field can be checked in all the sub-entitles in which uniqueness is created.

Alt text

If a duplicate is created, an error message will appear:

Alt text

Last update: 09/01/2024