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Deploying agents via GPO#


Here are the prerequisites that will permit deployment of GLPI agents with a GPO:

  • Create a shared folder on the network, accessible to all PCs, in which the GLPI agent executables (32bits and/or 64bits) will be placed. These are available on Github: GLPI Agent releases

  • You have to download the glpi-agent-deployment.vbs VBS script which ease deployment via GPO.

Script VBS#

The latest script VBS version can directly be downloaded from the following link: glpi-agent-deployment.vbs

Before using this script in a GPO, you have to edit the few configuration lines at the beginning of the script.

In this file, the following lines then need to be adapted:

  • Line 67: GLPI Agent version to be installed. It has to be update in the case agent version is changing.

    SetupVersion = "1.5"

  • Line 91: Indicates the path to the shared folder containing the agent MSI packages: For example:

    SetupLocation = "\srv-fileglpiinventory"

  • Line 112 : Agent installation options Example for GLPI 10 with native inventory support:

    SetupOptions = "/quiet RUNNOW=1 ADD_FIREWALL_EXCEPTION=1 SERVER='' TAG=MONTAG TASKS=inventory,deploy,collect,inventory"

Here is a list of common attributes:

- RUNNOW : Launch an inventory just after installation

- ADD_FIREWALL_EXCEPTION : Adds the GLPI agent to the Windows firewall exception list.

- SERVER : agent contact address on the GLPI server

- TAG: Adds the "TAG" tag to agents.

- TASKS: Allows you to manage the order of tasks to be carried out by the agent.

The full list of options is available here: Windows installer command line parameters

The rest of the script does not need to be modified.

Creating the GPO#

The GPO to be created must have the following parameters:

  • Type Computer
  • Startup script (where we will give the path to the vbs script mentioned above)

Full documentation is also available at this address :


Add authentication with user and password.#

This option must be requested via the cloud support form if you are a GLPI Network Cloud customer. Once this has been set up on the server side, you will be provided with a user and password. Then you'll be able to use them in agents configuration.

Then you'll have to add USER= and PASSWORD= options to options line like in the following example:

SetupOptions = "/quiet RUNNOW=1 ADD_FIREWALL_EXCEPTION=1 SERVER='' TAG=MONTAG TASKS=inventory,deploy,collect,inventory USER=MONUSER PASSWORD=MONPASS"