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How do I make a GLPI object reservable?

Several items can be reserved in GLPI (computers, monitors, peripherals, etc.). All you have to do is go to the equipment you want to appear in the reservations and in the "reservations" tab click on "allow reservations". Each piece of equipment will have a booking schedule that can be consulted.

How do I prohibit/authorise users from reserving equipment?

The right to reserve equipment is granted via the profile. If you wish to authorise or prohibit it, go to administration > profiles. Select the profile you wish to be affected by this change. In the reservable items section of the tools tab, check or uncheck read and/or make a reservation.

How do I view the calendar for items?

In the tools > reservations tab, you can click on "view calendar for all items". This view will show you a list of all reservable items and the dates on which they are reserved.

How do I find a free date for an item?

In the tab tools > bookings, you can click on find a free item for a specific period. A search box will appear so that you can check the availability of equipment during that period. Simply select the equipment you require and click on reserve.