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What is a licence from a GLPI perspective?

In this article, we will discover Management module and the different objects it contains.

GLPI allows you to manage the licenses of your software deployed on your fleet.

The License object is linked to Software object in your inventory. To be able to manage licenses, it is necessary to establish the process of inventory for your fleet.

You can define information related to license, for example:

  • status
  • software version
  • editor
  • expiration date
  • on which workstation is it installed

What advantages gives you this feature:

  • centralisation of information
  • planning renewals
  • issue alerts (version changed on a workstation or the number of licenses becomes insufficient)
Is it possible to assign a licence to a user?

At time, (GLPI 10.0.10), only software can benefit from the allocation of a license.

How can I check which computer has a licence?

In management > licences items tab, you can check on which computer the software requiring a licence is installed.

Can I be alerted when a licence expires?

An automatic action software can be set so that a notification is sent to you when a licence expires.


The expiration field must be filled in for the notification to be sent.

Why don't I receive a notification when my licence has expired?

This may be due to 2 parameters:

  • the expiration field has not been filled in ( management > licenses, select the licence concerned and check the expiration field)
  • the automatic action is not activated or not correctly configured ( setup > automatic actions, check and/or configure the software action)