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Add a waiting reason

A reason to wait allows you to put a ticket on hold, send automatic reminders and resolve the ticket if it has not received a response. All these actions are subject to conditions:

  • the interval between automatic follow-ups,
  • the number of follow-ups before resolution,
  • setting up a follow-up template,
  • implementation of a solution template.

Create the pending reason

Go to setup > dropdowns and enter pending reasons in the search box.

Alt text

Click on add

Name your waiting reason

Setting up the dunning option

What happens next will depend on your needs. Start by defining the automatic follow-up frequency. In our example, we're going to carry out every 3 days.

Alt text

Setting up the resolution option

We're going to define that a ticket can be closed after 3 follow-ups.

Alt text

Define a follow-up template

This template will be used to send out reminders. Click at the end of the follow-up template field Alt text

Name your template and indicate the source of the tracking (helpdesk in our case)

Then enter the content of your follow-up, which will be sent to your contact personAlt text

Add this follow-up and then select it from the drop-down listAlt text

Define a solution template

When this template is added to the ticket, it will close the ticket.Repeat the same process as for the follow-up templateClick on the at the end of the solution template fieldAlt text

Name your templateSelect the solution incident option so that the ticket can obtain the resolved statusAdd your follow-up and select it from the drop-down list.

Your pending reason is now ready, all you have to do is click on add

Adding a reason for waiting to a ticket

When you respond to a ticket, you'll be able to click on the pause symbol and select the waiting reason you've just created

Alt text

Automatics actions


Pending reasons depend on the pendingreason_autobump_autosolve automatic action. Check that this is active and correctly set ( setup > automatic actions)

Alt text