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General setup

How can I get information on API documentation?

In order to get help on APIs, you can consult the documentation directly from your instance. To do this, in setup > general > API change the option to Yes to enable API Rest. The online API documentation option will appear. If you get an error message when you click on the documentation, click on full access from localhost and delete the IPs (or enter the IP of the workstation you are on) in the start and end of IPv4 address range fields.

Do you have a password policy?

Yes, for internal accounts only. As external accounts (LDAP, SSO, etc.) depend on a dedicated server, this policy cannot be applied to these accounts. It is possible to request that the password :

  • requires at least one number,
  • requires at least one lower case letter,
  • requires at least one symbol,
  • be of a minimum length (configurable length),
  • expires after a set period of time,
  • is deactivated if the password has not been changed for a certain period of time (configurable time limit),

It is also possible to request that an expiry notification be sent to users.

How do I put GLPI into maintenance mode?

If you have operations to perform that require GLPI to be put into maintenance mode, it is possible to do this in 2 ways:

  • In cli (on premise only): in the glpi folder run php bin/console maintenance:enable (or php bin/console maintenance:disable to deactivate it)
  • In WebUI: in the setup > general menu system tab


To override maintenance mode, you can access GLPI by adding ?skipMaintenance=1 (

How do I purge the GLPI history?

In order not to overload the GLPI database, it is possible to purge the history of certain items:

  • general,
  • software,
  • financial and administrative information,
  • users,
  • components,
  • all sections (purge all history entries)

By default, the "keep all" option is selected. It is possible to keep the history for between 1 and 120 months, either per section or for the whole.


History refers to the historical tab of a GLPI object.

What are locks used for?

Locks are used to prevent certain information from being modified.


You don't want the user field to be modified during automatic inventory feedback.

In this case, you need to activate the locks in setup > general > general setup. Select use locks and select the profile to be used when locking items and the types of object to lock. To lock a field, simply change it manually. Only the profile you have set up will be able to lock and unlock fields. To unlock them, go to the lock field of the item in question.

A padlock Alt text will appear when information is locked.

Is it possible to set up working days for support?

Yes, in setup > general tab assistance you can set up working days in the planning work days field.

How do I change my GLPI theme?

There are several ways to change the theme:

  • For individual use: go to user settings (top right) then in the personalization tab you can choose the color palette that suits you.
  • For a global setting: go to setup > general > default values. You can choose the colour palette that suits you and will be applied to all users.

You can also modify the CSS by entity. Go to administration > entities, select the entity you want, then UI customization. Indicate Yes in the enable CSS customization field and paste your CSS code in the dedicated area.

How do I assign a default language for all users?

To change the default language, go to setup > general > default values. A default language field is available in the personalization section. This change is valid for all users.


Users will still be able to change their language if they wish from their profile.

How do I retrieve my instance's UUID?

Valid for on-premise instances only:

In setup > General click on see what would be sent. This is the 1st value that will appear:

"glpi": {
    "uuid": "hQ6ZuLpydjmaTuUCqnaqE6tTdsksio84sdfV8Kb1",
    "version": "10.0.10",
How can I increase the number of search results per page?

In setup > general > general setup, adjust the Default search results limit (page) as desired.

How can I deactivate the global search?

In configuration > general > general configuration, put no to global search.

Can I activate/deactivate the option to "remember me"`?

In configuration > general > general configuration, at the bottom of the screen, click on deactivate or indicate in days the possible retention of the identifier.

Can I configure closing days?

It is possible to configure closing days (public holidays) from configuration > titles, enter closing and click on closing periods. A procedure is available to help you set them up.

Can I increase the password reset time to one day?

When you request a password reset from GLPI, you have 24 hours to reset your password. This time cannot be changed. If the 24 hours are exceeded, a new request must be made. A procedure is available to help you set them up.

Can I increase the password reset time by one day?

When you request a password reset from GLPI, you have 24 hours to carry out the reset. This time cannot be changed. If the 24 hours are exceeded, a new request must be made.

How can I avoid importing duplicates into GLPI?

If you don't want 2 items to have the same serial number, or 2 users to have the same ID, field uniqueness will help you avoid these duplicates. To configure it, you can follow this procedure.