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How do I install the Centreon plugin?

A procedure is available here to help you set up the plugin.

What is the functionality of the Centreon plugin?

Centreon allows you to link your Centreon instance to GLPI via an API, so that you can keep an eye on the equipment in your infrastructure.

Where can we find Centreon information from the assets?

Centreon supervision has a dedicated tab in each element of the fleet. For example, for a computer, go to Assets > Computers and select the appropriate computer. In the Centreon tab, the supervision of the computer will appear:

alt text

Can I run a live check to get refined information?

Yes. For example, for a computer, go to Assets > Computers and select the computer you want. In the Centreon tab, click on Check to perform a new on-demand check.

Can I obtain information directly from the global (or custom) view?

Yes. You can add information about the status of the equipment (available or not). Other information is not yet visible in this view.

Can I see supervision information on a dashboard?

No. At present, this is not possible.

Connection fails when registering API

You may get a message Client error: POST http://mon_URL/centreon/api/login resulted in a 404 Not Found. This message usually appears when the API URL is incorrect. Remember to check :

  • The URL of your API (which should look like https://mon_URL:443/centreon/api/latest/ or https://mon_URL:443/centreon/api/vxx.xx/)
  • That the version of your Centreon appears in your URL, check that an update has not been made and update the URL of your API if necessary.
  • That your Centreon can be reached
  • That the listening port is the right one

You can refer to the official Cetreon documentation if necessary.