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Receiver and delegating mailboxes

If your receiver uses delegated mailbox, follow these steps to configure it.


This case applies to accounts using Azure AD and Gmail

The principle is to create your authorization from Oauth IMAP plugin on the main account and then, modify this authorization to identify the delegated account. To create the receiver via an Azure account, please refer to this article : 

Receiver with Oauth IMAP

If your receiver is already configurated on the main account, follow these steps to modify it by the delegated mailbox :

  • Go to Setup > Oauth IMAP applications > Oauth authorization tab of your OAuth IMAP
  • click on update

Alt text

  • Enter the delegated mailbox
  • Valid your modification

Alt text

Alt text

  • To configure the folders of the receiver of the new box, you just have to go to Setup > receivers
  • Click on the icon that corresponds to the folder that you waant to customize (incoming, archives, etc.)

Alt text

The list of the delegated mailbox's folders will appear 

Alt text

Last update: 13/06/2023