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What is a task?

Tasks in GLPI are used to materialise an action to be carried out or a decision to be made within a Tickets / Problems / Changes. The main idea of this object is therefore planning.


Create a task to schedule the update of the file server in non-production.

How do I create a task?

When a ticket is open and requires a particular action, you can create a task to plan the action in question. Enter the ticket which requires a task to be created. Click on response > create a task (or create a task directly, depending on how your interface is set up). You can define several criteria here:

  • the content of the task,
  • insert a task template,
  • associate a task category,
  • make it public or private,
  • schedule the task,
  • specify a duration,
  • the technician who will be responsible for carrying out the task (and who will appear in the GLPI calendar)
  • créer un rappel.

To help you set up your task, you can follow this guide

How can I Limit the schedules for planning?

To ensure that you do not schedule a task outside office hours, it is possible to set availability times. In setup > :ti:adjustments:general > assistance set the desired times in limit of the schedules for planning. If you schedule a task outside these hours, a message will warn you that it is scheduled for non-working hours.

Can I add a Microsoft365 calendar to my schedule ?

GLPI allows an external calendar to be displayed in the schedule, via the button located at the top of the list of displayed calendars Assistance > Planning. This only displays events from this calendar in the "planning" view (no notifications or modifications are possible from GLPI, etc.).