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install and update plugins

Since version 9.5 of GLPI, the Marketplace to install and update plugins is available.

This feature can be acttiYou will have to create a registration key beforehand. The procedure is available here.

The Marketplace consists of two tabs :

  • Installed allowing to activate/deactivate and update plugins
  • Discover allowing to access the complete catalog of plugins and to install them.

Alt text

Alt text

Manual installation


All GLPI plugins are available on the GLPI catalog

Note that a plugin can have several versions, each version is most of the time specific to a particular version of GLPI. So be sure to select the right file to download!

Once the plugin has been chosen, just follow the following steps:

  • Click on the Download button

Alt text

  • Copy the address

Alt text

  • Go in ssh on the server then in the glpi/plugins folder

Follow the following steps:

Alt text

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Delete the archive
  4. Apply the correct permissions


Go to setup > Plugins. If the Marketplace is activated you have to in order to return to the old plugin interface.

So now you need to Install and Activate it. The installation will create the possible tables in the database. Click on Alt text Activation will make the plugin accessible to users. Click on the Alt text which will turn green once the plugin is activated Alt text. Update a plugin

Updating a plugin

Updating a pluginis done by physically removing (Caution: not to be confused with Uninstalling a plugin) the previous version and installing the new version. You just have to delete the folder corresponding to the plugin and refer to the installation paragraph of the plugin for the rest of the procedure.

Uninstall a plugin

The uninstallation of a plugin is done from the plugin configuration interface. Simply click on Alt text. Then you can even if you want to delete the folder in the plugins directory.


GLPI Documentation Install and update plugins

Last update: 21/03/2023