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Generic objects#

How do I use object management?#

A procedure is available to help you set up this plugin.

What is the purpose of object management?#

This plugin allows you to add new types of inventory objects, integrated into the GLPI framework.

Can I integrate with other plugins?#

Yes, several plugins can interact with object management:

What types of fields can be added to the GLPI object created?#

The object will appear like any other object in the park, so you have a wide choice of fields available. We invite you to consult the list here

Can I add fields to an element other than the park?#

No, this is not possible. Only the park can benefit from additional objects. You can use the [additional fields] plugin (../04_Plugins/ if you have other specific needs.

Can additional fields be visible to everyone?#

Yes. You can manage read, write, delete, etc. permissions for each field you add from check:administration > profiles , object management tab of the relevant profile.

By which other GLPI elements can the additional field be visible?#

The additional fields you create are visible to other GLPI objects:

  • Use child entities
  • Use Assistance
  • Use Item in the dustbin
  • Use Notes
  • Use Historical
  • Use Templates
  • Use Financial and administratives information
  • Use Contracts
  • Use Documents
  • Use Reservations
  • Use Field unicity
  • Use Global search
  • Use Projects
  • Using Network Connections
  • Using Components
  • Use Impact analysis

Can I make an element created with the plugin reservable?#

Yes. In the behaviour section of the plugin, you can tick the use reservations box. It will then be usable like any other element in your park.