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Mirror servers#

A mirror server for application deployment via GLPI is a dedicated server containing replicas of software packages, updates and deployment scripts. This server enables system administrators to deploy applications to client workstations efficiently and redundantly, ensuring that the necessary files are available even if the main server is unavailable.


The GLPI Inventory plugin must be installed to access this functionality. It is available on the marketplace (Cloud and on-premise).


  • Availability: Ensures that deployments can continue even if the main server fails.
  • Performance: Improves response times and deployment speed through load balancing.
  • Security: Reduces the risk of data loss and ensures that applications are always available for deployment.

Add mirror server#

  • From Administration > GLPI Inventory > Deploy > Mirror servers
  • Click on Add
  • Fill in the required fields (mandatory fields are the name and address of the remote mirror server. Remember to create your server in the correct entity and check the child-entity box if necessary).

Add server miror

  • Click on Add

Location info

Location can play an important role. When deploying an application, if the PC's location field is filled in, the agent will first retrieve the packet from the server identified at the same location. If the server is not available, the agent will retrieve the packet from the main server. If no location is available, the agent will retrieve the packet from one of the available servers.

Mirror server configuration#

  • Install a web server (such as Apache or Nginx) on the mirror server, which will host the deployment files.
  • Synchronize the deployment files between the main server and the mirror server.
rsync -avP /var/www/glpi/files/_plugins/glpiinventory/files/repository user@mirror_server:/path/to/mirror/deployment/files/


When the deployment task is configured, the agent will be able to receive the list of mirror servers.

GLPI agent

To enable the agent to use the deployment function, please activate the corresponding option during installation.

GLPI agent deployment