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Survey satisfaction#

Native satisfaction surveys are available from GLPI. A star system is used to rate the quality of the ticket response and a comment can be left. The requester receives an email allowing him to respond to this survey, but it is also possible to respond directly from the ticket in the Satisfaction tab.

The following settings can be modified for each entity, allowing you to obtain different behaviour according to your needs.

Set up satisfaction surveys#

Add the survey from the entity#

  • From Administration > Entities > Entity required > assistance >Configuring the satisfaction survey
  • Complete the various tabs:

    • Internal or External survey
    • Create survey after: as soon as possible up to 90 days
    • Rate to trigger survey: randomly triggers surveys at the specified rate. If the unspecified option is selected, surveys will not be sent. Rate can be set between 10 and 100%.
    • Duration of survey: closes the survey after 180 days. It will not be closed if you choose unlimited.
    • For tickets closed after : Defines a date on which surveys will be sent.
    • Click on Save.

External survey

If you use external surveys, the list of available tags (1) will appear so that you can enter them in the survey URL. The survey URL must also be filled in so that the user can be redirected to your satisfaction tool.

    • [TICKET_ID]
    • [SLA_TTO_ID]
    • [SLA_TTO_NAME]
    • [SLA_TTR_ID]
    • [SLA_TTR_NAME]

Survey by entity

This setting can be changed for each entity or inherited from the parent entity

Set up notifications#

Sending the survey#

Check that from Setup > Notifications > Notifications, the Ticket satisfaction notification is present. If this is not the case, you can create it with the following parameters by clicking on Add. The satisfaction survey template already exists, so all you have to do is add it to your survey, whether external or internal (it can of course be customised).

Alt text

Response to survey#

From Setup > Notifications > Notifications, the notification Ticket satisfaction answer is created. It is sent to the requester and the technician in charge of the ticket to inform them that the response to the survey has been completed. You can of course modify this information or deactivate the notification if you wish.

Modifying an enquiry#

Only the requester can modify the response to their survey (if it is not closed according to the settings you have chosen). It is possible to retrieve the survey email or go to the ticket in question in the satisfaction tab. Modifications to the survey will be included in the ticket's historical tab.


It is possible to see the level of satisfaction of a particular ticket (from the ticket satisfaction tab), or to have more global statistics from Assistance > Statistics (this right can be added/removed from Administration > Profiles, assistance tab of the selected profile). These statistics are available for :

  • Tickets
  • Problems
  • Changes

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